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➤ What is Boccia Busters?

Boccia Busters is Gloucestershire's only social enterprise dedicated to developing the sport of Boccia.

We are a dynamic and innovative social enterprise, developed and run by disabled people, that is committed to supporting disabled people and their carers, families and friends in Gloucestershire to have access to the sport of Boccia and its associated benefits.

➤ What is Boccia?

Boccia is a disability sport where players aim to propel leather balls close to a target ball – ‘the jack’. Two sides – ‘red and blue’ – compete as individuals, pairs or a team of three. Points are added up over the course of a match to find a winner.

➤ What makes Boccia Busters different?

We provide coaching, advice and support to groups by bringing a number of organised sessions to you. Once you have honed your skills with us, we'll support you to develop applications for funding to enjoy your own equipment and strike out on your own.

Over the last couple of years we have found we can reach more people and get them involved with the sport if we go to them.

Boccia Busters takes the sport of boccia out into your community. If you would like more information, please contact us at bocciabusters@gmail.com. We play all over the county but are presently focused around Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Our Ambassador, David Smith MBE brought back the UK it's first Boccia Gold Medal in the 2016 Rio Paralymics!

➤ What are the benefits of Boccia?

Boccia is a great sport for disabled and older people. It provides increased physical activity levels, improved health and wellbeing, the development of new friendships and social networks, teamwork and skill development, as well as improved mental health. A free taster session for groups in Gloucestershire is available.

➤ Do you do events for all ages and abilites?

Yes! For individuals, we run a Boccia Busters Club at Leisure@Cheltenham. These weekly, inclusive, seated seasons are ideal for everyone including disabled, older children and adults as well as older people with limited mobility. Starting 10th September 2019!

Please contact us for details of our next club sessions by emailing bocciabusters@gmail.com.

➤ What do our players say?

Emma Riches from Stroud District Council wrote:
"Hi Rachel, We had 40 kids the day you did Boccia with us. Half were aged 5-8, the other half over 8 years. We had great feedback from the children and staff who commented on how much they enjoyed the session as it was different from other activities, they did not feel pressured and the atmosphere was calm, organised and supportive. Many thanks for delivering the session."

Others have said:

"Thank you – you really made our day a memorable day."

"I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it – but I could"

A free taster session for groups in Gloucestershire is available.
Please contact us for further details or e-mail enquiries@bocciabusters.co.uk



Our Governance policies document are updated frequently.

Please contact our office for details of the followings:

Safeguarding Policy For Vulnerable Adults & Children.

Equality & Diversity Policy.

Data Protection Policy.

Codes of Conduct.


Schools and Children with Special needs

Pupils love the fun aspect of boccia,

together with our great logo and branding;

packages, public speakers and all Outreach

sessions for everyone including schools

11-18 years of age can be arranged,

just contact Rachel on bocciabusters@gmail.com

for more details.


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